Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Pink Striped Lake Pajamas / Sunglasses / Quilted Ballet Flats / Sun Hat / Lipstick / “Paris in Bloom” Book

Pink Flower Earrings / Le Creuset Heart Cocette / Scalloped Earrings / Packing Cubes / Sugarfina Gummies

Rifle Paper Corkcicle / Embroidered Mules / Crystal Roller / RMS Beauty Oil / Velvet Blazer / Louie Sherry Chocolates / “Vintage Roses” Book

It’s hard to believe Valentine’s Day is just in one week!!! I’ve gone through ups and downs surrounding my feelings with Valentine’s Day, but I’m definitely on the high side of it right now! I vividly remember meticulously picking out my Valentine’s cards in elementary school, and decorating my cardboard shoebox “mailbox” to exchange cards within our classroom…always a high experience for me! On the flip side, I remember a time when I thought Valentine’s Day was super overrated (just being honest!) and could have done without it. Now, I’m back to the other end of the spectrum. I’ve come to the conclusion that I love Valentine’s Day. A full day focused on spreading love to everyone? I’m so grateful for truly the most wonderful husband, friends, and community, and I love any chance I have to celebrate them. Plus…pink. And flowers. All I need to say about that :)

Anyway, my husband and I don’t normally do anything super special on Valentine’s Day (probably because of the fact that I get annoyed having to pay extra, or choose from a prix fixe menu, at a restaurant I normally love!) Instead, we usually celebrate in with a home-cooked meal, and we’ll celebrate the holiday itself at a restaurant later in the week. We don’t normally exchange gifts, and this year our focus is on our kitchen and home renovations…so we certainly won’t be exchanging any major gifts. But, a girl can dream…right? I rounded up some of favorite pink, feminine, and all around lovely gifts I could find from around the internet!

Pink Striped Lake Pajamas: I’m well aware it’s absurd to pay this much for a price of pajamas. But y’all…these are literally the softest pair of pajamas I’ve ever had AND they make me feel like a million bucks when I wear them. When I break it down to cost per wear (which I’m all about!) the price comes down to pennies a day, compared to a different set that I’ll usually only wear once. I have these right now in this beautiful hydrangea color, but I have seriously been dreaming of this girly, feminine pair especially made for Valentine’s! (P.S…If you are between sizes, I would recommend sizing up!)

Sunglasses: I have a pair very similar to these Tory Burch sunglasses that I get asked about all the time. Mine are Tory Burch from a few years ago, but these have a very similar shape and style. Sunglasses are an item I splurge on, as I know I’ll wear them daily. These are a great Valentine’s gift for the upcoming spring season!

Quilted Ballet Flats: I have finally hit the age where the clothes I’ve been wearing for years and years are starting to show their age. (Cue sad tears!) First things I need to replace? My ballet flats that I wear daily. I love Tory Burch flats, and especially love the feminine quilted detailing on these. Order through Nordstrom for free shipping and returns. I’m often between sizes, so I would order both and keep the size that fits best (returning the one that doesn’t fit!)

Sun Hat: I own this hat in the navy and LOVE it. However, after a few too many dips in the ocean, I need to buy a new one for this summer. (Side note…please, please, please cover up your skin and use SPF when you’re out in the sun!) This hat is great because it’s packable and won’t lose it’s shape being smooshed in your bag!

Lipstick: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….this is THE best lipstick you’ll ever own. Did you know most lipsticks contain trace amounts of lead? Yuck! Beautycounter tests for heavy metals in their products, so you know you are wearing safer beauty. (I mean just think about it…you essentially eat your lipstick by the end of the day!) This particular shade of lipstick “Little Black Dress” is a staple in my closet, and lasts all day! Highly recommend. (And if you’re curious about why I became a Beautycounter consultant, you can read all about that here!)

“Paris in Bloom” book: I randomly found this wandering the aisles at Homegoods (is that anyone else’s favorite past time?!) and immediately threw it in my cart. This book is incredibly beautiful, and reminds me of my trip to Paris last summer with my mom! I get the travel bug every time I open this :)

Pink Flower Earrings: So cute for Valentine’s Day, and on sale!

Le Creuset Heart Cocette: Would be perfect for your home-cooked meal on Valentine’s Day! Currently on sale (did you know that Nordstrom price matches?!)

Scalloped Earrings: So cute for the trend-lover in your life, but also budget conscious! I’ve never tried these, so I don’t know the quality, but I love the style!

Packing Cubes: This is an item that has continuously been on my list but I haven’t quite bit the bullet. I travel frequently, and get super frustrated when my suitcase is disorganized. I know that these would sooth my mind and make traveling that much more fun!

Sugarfina Gummies: I have a secret obsession with Sugarfina! My sweet wedding planner gifted me some in a little care package, and I’ve been hooked since! Such a fun treat for a special event or holiday!

Rifle Paper Corkcicle: I own this exact Corkcicle, but in the tumbler (sadly, no longer available) and I cannot tell you the amount of joy it brings me! It’s the little things, right?! The Rifle Paper print is just so pretty, and the Corkcicle keeps my hot tea piping hot at my desk :)

Embroidered Mules: Y’all…I think this might be the deal of the century! I’ve been wanting a pair of mules, but since they’re more of a “trendy” item this season, I didn’t want to spend too much money on them. Enter these beautiful, feminine pair from Amazon! I ordered them earlier this week and they should be in soon! I’ll report back, but I’m just so excited about this find!

Crystal Roller: These facial rollers have been floating around the Instagram/blog world and I haven’t yet made the purchase, but this one is a great price, plus free shipping at Nordstrom! Apparently, these help your oils/moisturizers soak in more, and serve to de-puff your eyes and face. I know I definitely could use that, especially in the mornings :) Use with the RMS Facial Oil and you’ve got the perfect beauty gift!

RMS Beauty Oil: I have to admit, I was very confused by the oil trend. But y’all…this stuff is AMAZING! I received a sample of this at an event a few weeks ago and have been hooked on it since! I use my Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel first, followed by a teeny bit of Beautycounter Cleansing Balm as a moisturizer, and 5 drops of this beauty oil and I wake up to my skin seriously glowing. I genuinely look forward to putting this on before bed! RMS is also a safer beauty product, so I feel comfortable using this on my skin knowing it’s not filled with known toxic chemicals (it’s scored a 1 on the EWG app….the best score there can be!)

Velvet Blazer: I just keep pairing together this precious blazer with these embroidered mules! Classic, timeless, feminine style! I am seriously dreaming of this blazer in my closet.

Louie Sherry Chocolates: I’ve never tried these chocolates, but they seem to be all the rage right now! Made from fine Belgian chocolate and packaged in an iconic keepsake tin box (designed in 1919 as a welcome aboard gift for steamship passengers.) This would be such a luxurious, thoughtful gift!

“Vintage Roses” Book: Ever since our trip to Avignon, France this summer, where our hotel courtyard was filled with gorgeous David Austin Roses, I have been entranced in the romanticism and classic beauty of roses! I would love to get my hands on this book and gain some inspiration for our landscaping (and just daydream about our time in France!)

Do y’all celebrate Valentine’s Day? Anything you have in mind for a gift this year? Would love to know your plans!

Have a wonderful day!